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All users that will need print functionality will need to install the latest TSPrint Client from the links below.

.MSI Client Install (Preferred)   .EXE Client Install

File Transfer

All users that will need file transfer functionality will need to install the latest WTSFTP Client from the link below.

WSFTP Client Install

Legacy Client OS Requirements

Each Client PC running Windows Vista and XP will be required to install a newer Remote Desktop Client version 7.0. You can download the clients directly from Microsoft at the Microsoft RDC 7.0 download page. Or you can download from our page below:

Windows Vista x86  Windows Vista x64  Windows XP SP3 x86 

MelyxCloud.com vs. MelyxPRO ASP

Other notes on differences between MelyxCloud and the older MelyxPRO ASP systems:
  • MelyxCloud utilizes a dedicated Gateway Server to help keep unauthorized users from gaining access improving on overall security
  • MelyxCloud utilizes Remote Applications vs Remote Desktop that MelyxPRO ASP utilized allowing users to have a more seamless desktop experience
  • WTSFTP is no longer needed to transfer files as you can save them directly to your client drives
  • When you generate a file be sure to select the browse icons to search for the location directly on your computer to save the file each time
  • Be sure to remember the file path where you put the downloaded files so you can retrieve them from your PC and work with the files locally
  • Passwords are more complex and more secure:
    • Passwords must be changed every 90 days vs 180 days
    • Passwords are not able to be reused within 12 months which would be the last 4 passwords on the MelyxCloud system vs the last 2 passwords from the MelyxPRO ASP system (timeframe is the same - 1 year worth of passwords)
    • Passwords cannot contain the first or last name of a user if more than 3 characters in length
    • Passwords must be 8 characters or more in length
    • Passwords must contain characters from 3 out of the following 4 categories
      • Uppercase Characters (A through Z)
      • Lowercase Characters (a through z)
      • Numbers (0 through 9)
      • Special Characters (~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ - + = ` | \ ( ) { } [ ] : ; " ' < > , . ? /)
    • Login attempts will be locked out for 1 minute after 5 invalid password attempts. After the minute is done you will be able to attempt to login again.
    • If you have forgotten you password please call into support for a password reset at 1.888.886.3599


Windows updates are scheduled to be completed every month on the 3rd Saturday from 10:00PM to 12:00AM Central Time (GMT-6:00) on all servers.

MelyxPRO updates will typically be scheduled on Sunday Nights overnight starting at 11:00PM Central Time (GMT-6:00) and continuing until finished (possibly until 6:00AM or so Monday Morning Central Time.) The system will be made unavailable during these updates and notice will be sent prior to the updates. If users are on the system they will be notified within an hour of the MelyxPRO update outage to have time to save and log off.